Icarus Incorporated

Icarus Incorporated

KhairKhwah – Delivering Accelerated Family Planning in Pakistan (DAFPAK)

DAFPAK is a multi-dimensional DFID funded family planning project across Pakistan. The project is aimed to increase awareness about contraception, use of family planning tools, and gauge behavior of local community about FP, Increase services delivery

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DAFPAK is a multi-dimensional FCDO funded project with the primary objective to increase awareness, adoption, and uptake of modern family planning methods & products, improving access to services, and behavioral change through strategically aligned BCC components (grassroots level intervention, policy reforms & media communication). 

Being a key consortium partner, Icarus Incorporated is implementing outreach component, and is also assigned with the KAP research using Qualitative, Quantitative and Human Centered Design methods to provide feedback and recommendations to design an effective communication strategy. The project is ongoing with Icarus undertaking outreach activities in 24 districts of Punjab, KP and Sindh.

The scope of DAFPAK Outreach & Research components expanded and pivoted to Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication to cater to COVID-19 Pandemic and Emergency Flood Response.

The aim of COVID-19 response was prevention/containment and mitigation/protection with customized targeted messaging through integration of live interactive radio programming and Social Mobilization, Engagement and Outreach. 

Given the disastrous consequences of the flooding in Pakistan some of the activities were pivoted to aid promotion of maternal and child health in flood affected areas of KP and Sindh.