Icarus Incorporated

Icarus Incorporated

Yasir Mehmood

Director Projects

With more than 10 years of experience in project management, strategic communications, qualitative research, human-centric design and social and behavioral change communication, Yasir brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Yasir is currently holding a director level position at Icarus Incorporated and previously, has held several senior management positions. 

Yasir bags an experience of managing large-scale initiatives for public & private entities that includes countering-narrative, peace & tolerance in the society, promotion of child protection, youth development, education and public health.  

During his diverse career, Yasir has gained unique experience of engaging diverse audiences from various ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds across Pakistan. This exposure has given him invaluable insights into the nuances and complexities of communications across different cultures and languages, enabling him to develop effective strategies that resonate with and engage these audiences.

He firmly believes in the power of collaborative efforts and has actively fostered partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including community leaders, CSOs, and government entities for multiple projects.